Precision is our trade
Our production range includes the whole spectrum of diamond tools with defined blades. Our range includes countless tools – from the simply tipped ISO insert to complex form-cutting tools.

Our products are used in all conventional applications, including turning, milling, boring and planing of non-ferrous metals, fibre-reinforced plastics, wood composites, metal matrix composites, ceramics and carbide metals.

Medidia is the market-leading specialist in the field of diamond tool machining by planing, milling, boring and turning dimensions of 0.1 to 0.5mm.

We are currently working on endmill tools with a diameter of 50µm and ball nose endmills with a radius of 150µm. In the field of plunge turning and planing, we already create structural tools of less than 50µm, with which structural walls of any inclination can be created with large structural heights.

Since as far back as 1989, we have been working with our customers to develop special tools made of natural diamond, CVD diamond and cermet for micro-cutting, which are used daily in countless industries:

Plastics industry
Ball bearings
Watches and jewellery
Civil aerospace